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I-270 from I-370 to I-70 Pre-NEPA

I-270 from I-370 to I-70 Pre-NEPA

I-270 from I-370 to I-70 Pre-NEPA

Past Public Outreach

Public Workshops – November 2019

MDOT SHA conducted four Public Workshops in Frederick and Montgomery Counties in November 2019 for the I-270 from I-370 to I-70 Pre-NEPA activities. Initial Pre-NEPA activities include a review of existing and future traffic, and environmental conditions to inform the development of alternatives.

The purpose of the public workshops was to:

  • provide an overview of the Pre-NEPA activities and the NEPA process
  • discuss the transportation needs of the corridor
  • identify potential solutions
  • understand existing environmental conditions

The Public Workshops provided an opportunity for the public to ask questions and provide input on the corridor, the transportation needs, and possible solutions. Comments were accepted through December 6, 2019. Your input is still welcome through email or hard copy mail.

We encourage the public to Stay Connected and Provide Feedback throughout the I-270 Pre-NEPA activities.

Informational Boards and Video of Presentation

If you were not able to make it to one of the four public workshops in November, please view the informational boards below. A narrated video of the presentation given at each Public Workshop is also provided below.

November 2019 I-270 Public Workshop Meeting Materials

English Handout
Folletto (Spanish Handout)