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I-495 & I-270 Managed Lanes Study

Participate in the JPA/WQC Virtual Public Hearing

To provide comment at the USACE/MDE virtual public hearing on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at 6:30 pm, please follow the below instructions at the hearing time to be entered into the speaker's queue.

By following instructions 1 – 6 once the virtual hearing begins, you should successfully enter the speaker queue to provide testimony.


  1. Once the virtual hearing begins, using your phone, dial 855-925-2801.
  2. When prompted, enter access code 4331#.
  3. You must listen to the entire welcome message.
  4. Once the welcome message ends, you will hear, “For more options press star”.
  5. Press the star (*) button on your phone.
  6. You will hear the menu options, press 3 to enter the speaker queue.
  7. The queue is first come, first serve.
  8. Once your turn to testify has arrived, the Hearing Officer will address you either by your name or by the last four digits of your phone number. You will then hear a digital voice notifying you that it is your turn to speak, and your line is unmuted.
  9. Please state your name, spell your name, and provide your address slowly and clearly. If representing a group, provide this information.
  10. After you have introduced yourself, you will have either 3 minutes to speak (members of the public), or 5 minutes (elected officials and group representatives). A single tone will sound to notify you when 30 seconds remain; a double tone will sound to notify you when 10 seconds remain.
  11. After you have provided testimony, you may hang up or you may press *1 after the prompts to listen to any additional live testimony being given during the testimony session.


Click here to view the livestream of the proceedings on September 14, 2022. Closed-captioning will be provided.  Due to a 20-30 second delay between the livestream and live testimony by phone, please mute your computer speakers while providing or listening to the hearing testimony to prevent feedback.


  • A Hearing Officer will facilitate the hearings.
  • Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
  • Speakers may not give or donate remaining speaking time to others.
  • USACE and MDE cannot answer any questions or respond to testimony comments.
  • USACE and MDE will consider all comments in evaluating the Joint Federal/State Application for Alteration of any Floodplain, Waterway, Tidal or Nontidal Wetland proposed for the project.
  • The hearing and testimony are being recorded, will be transcribed and available for public review on the Op Lanes Maryland webpage.